Which way do I grow? 

At Steadfast, we recognize Spiritual growth isn't easy. These "Pathways" illustrate our strategy for Spiritual growth: A person walking these pathways will grow. Everyone grows in different ways and at a different pace but as God's Spirit helps us to walk the pathways, our lives are transformed. 


    Responding to God personally by reading the Bible regularly and talking to God in prayer is the first step in spiritual growth. As you worship personally, you will want to worship corporately, together with God’s people on a regular basis. Worshiping personally and corporately sets your spiritual growth in motion.  


    Connecting with others in loving relationships helps you grow as we encourage, support, and speak God’s truth into each other’s lives. We build these authentic relationships as we worship, serve, and study the Bible together. We encourage Steadfast attenders to pursue these relationships all the time, especially through life groups, Sunday classes, and serving together.


    Investing our time, talents, and treasures in God’s work helps us grow as we depend on God’s strength and give ourselves for the sake of others. If you are serving others in a ministry and giving sacrificially toward the ministry, you will grow.


    Living the gospel in front of others and telling them about the hope that lives within us spurs growth as we deepen our love for people and our obedience to what God commands. We envision a church culture in which sharing the gospel is a way of life.