Farmer's market engagement

Downtown Gretna will be bustling with a farmer's market on Saturday mornings this summer. This is a great opportunity to spread the word about Jesus and the church, so Steadfast will be there for a few of them. We're looking for 5-10 people to set up our tent, hand out cold water, and sign up to serve for a one or two hour shift of the morning. You can sign up by clicking HERE. Continue reading for more information!

Farmer's market service opportunities


The Coordinator for a Farmer's Market Saturday is responsible for setting up the Steadfast presence at the market and helping our other volunteers for a shift of 2-4 hours.

  • The Coordinator will work together with the Steadfast staff to find 4-8 people who will serve as “Steadfast Enthusiasts” at the market.

  • Coordinator is responsible to buy (or assign someone else to buy) 2 bags of ice on Saturday morning, then bring them to the base, where a cooler will be ready with bottled waters.

  • Coordinator will pick up the Steadfast tent, banners, table, and the cooler at 7:30 on Saturday morning, and then take them downtown to set up the booth. The Market opens at 8am.

  • Coordinator will stay for 2-4 hours. If a “second-shift” coordinator is not available for that Saturday, then we will take down the booth at 10 am.

  • Coordinator will return the cooler and tent to the Base.

    Steadfast Enthusiast:

  • The Steadfast Enthusiast is there to meet people, hand out water, and strike up conversations about Jesus and the church.

  • Enthusiasts should come expecting to proactively reach out to people and answer questions they may have about Steadfast.

  • Enthusiasts who are there for the first or last shift will be expected to help set up and tear down the tent, table, banner, and cooler.

  • Steadfast enthusiasts should wear a Steadfast t-shirt.


  • Church staff will post on the Steadfast Facebook page during the preceding weeks

  • We will announce at the Adult Elective class, on Sunday mornings, and in the eLife